rustic coffee table centerpieces

Tips for Coffee Table Centerpieces

Decorating the coffee table with coffee table centerpieces is a part of ways to decorate your livingroom. Of course, you can leave the surface of the coffee table alone and let it plain while you decorate the other parts of the livingroom. It depends on your taste eventhough it is best to put several things on your coffee table. It will create personality for your livingroom, complement the style, and […]

distressed natural wood coffee table

Painting A Distressed Wood Coffee Table

We can give unique touch in the livingroom by adding something simple, like repaint the coffee table. It is a great choice when you want to give something new to the livingroom without spending too much money. We can repaint the distressed wood coffee table into new color. You can have your new look of Distressed Wood Coffee Table with a little creativity and painting technique. Distressed wood table can […]

square seagrass coffee table

The Advantages of Seagrass Coffee Table

If you want the unique touch in your livingroom, try placing a Seagrass Coffee Table. Seagrass coffee table basically a coffee table that made from woven dried seagrass. It is nice sometimes to put something natural in our livingroom to complete the style and make it more unique rather than the conventional way. Seagrass coffee table has many styles and sizes you can choose. Ranging from the stand alone coffee […]

cheap metal and glass coffee table

Comparing between Wood and Glass Coffee Table

When buying coffee table, make sure you have a little knowledge about the materials. Because you will invest in something by buying coffee table to add the value of your house, you should carefully select the materials that can last long and have great durability. Of course, every material has their advantages and disadvantages. You just need to choose the one that suit your needs. Now, let’s compare between wood […]

wood and metal coffee table1

Comparing The Metal and Wood Coffee Table

Selecting a good coffee table for your livingroom should be based on the materials. The materials will indicate how sturdy your coffee table is without leaving the stylish and decorative purpose. Yes, a good coffee table should fulfill both, the decorative purpose and the functional purpose. Now, let’s compare the materials of coffee table to find the one that fulfill the purposes for you. It’s between metal and wood coffee […]

hot pink appliances

The Attractive Ideas of Pink Kitchen Appliances Set

Well, Pink Kitchen Appliances Set is something that may only exists in the women’s minds. After all, it is something very unique and different. Maybe people think it’s a childish thing. In fact, this set does tend to be designed as a toy for the kitchen. But they are real fixtures for the kitchen, and you can prove equivalent quality kitchen supplies. What can we get from this set? Explorative […]